“YULI” in Chinese, “Sharpness” for globally




       Yuli group Library of workers through several relocation and expansion, existing books reading room area of about 200 square meters, the implementation of 365 days every day for workers open; existing bookshelf, book 20 group, more than 20000 copies of books, books are total literature, philosophy, economy, politics, history, science and technology, and legal, more than a total of 30 categories, more than 100 kinds of newspapers and periodicals quantity, basically meet the needs of different people of different professional books, all the books, magazines, newspapers, free for employees to borrow.8aI湖北玉立

ADD.(headquarter): No. 218, Yuli Avenue, Toncheng County, Hubei Province, China PC.:437400
Tel: +86-(0)715-4322107,4324488,4352111 Email: info@sharpness.com.cn
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