“YULI” in Chinese, “Sharpness” for globally



 Sharpness Group Culture Concept956湖北玉立

Build up excellent corporate culture to enhance the core competitivenesss of Sharpness
Definition of the unique Sharpness corporate culture 
In a broad sense, Sharpness culture is the combination of Sharpness physical and spiritual matters.
Narrowly speaking, Sharpness culture is based on Confucian culture and guided by Mao Tse Tung's thought,including Sharpness concepts,ideals,the pursiut of goals and the identified regulations by all Sharpness people.
Its ultimate goal is to improve the emplyees'morality and loyalty, and enhance the sense of responsibility and dedication to work. 
The substantial culture can be a great power to against the intense market competition. 
Sharpness Spirit: Progressing in solidarity,Working enterprisingly.
Business philosophy: Win the global trust by honest, Build up the brand by credit.
Human oriented philosophy:human oriented with Loyalty, filial piety, wisdom and courage;Root study with strictness,meticulousness,practice and ruthless discipline.
Strategic target: World Top 3 in the same field
Management system: strict,meticulous,practical and ruthless. That is Strict requirements, Meticulous management, Practical methods, Ruthless execution.
People in Sharpness: Creative in science, Surmount in courage,deligent and honest. 

ADD.(headquarter): No. 218, Yuli Avenue, Toncheng County, Hubei Province, China PC.:437400
Tel: +86-(0)715-4322107,4324488,4352111 Email: info@sharpness.com.cn
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