“YULI” in Chinese, “Sharpness” for globally



The 2nd Ten-year developing program of Sharpness4Po湖北玉立

Sharpness is a professional coated and bonded abrasive manufacturer with great reputation by the steady,healthy,speedy development.4Po湖北玉立

We established a massy basis in politics, ideology, talent trainning, corporation culture,technology,strength and facilities by 37years' experiences.4Po湖北玉立

We won a 1st pot of gold from the 1st Ten-year development and struggle on abrasive sheet,built a primitive accumulation for the future improving. the sales range covers 90% of internal market and keeps an annual sales at RMB200million with our own sharpness brand.4Po湖北玉立

In the late 13years of last century, we expanded manufacturing range to abrasive belt.And the annual production output of normal abrasive belt is over 150million square meters until now,the sales amount reaches RMB300million and covering 60% market in wood, furniture and leatherworking.4Po湖北玉立

Some items supplanted the products from Korea and Germany. in recent years, we made big improvements in metal polishing, mechanical machining,accurate grinding and overburden abrasive belt, and won 20% of the 2billion market. 4Po湖北玉立

Sharpness is globally reputed by its high-tech and high-value-added products,and enter into the major professional markets. Sharpness products accepted a good response from electronics, electromechanical machining,automotive and hardware industry,and gradually carried out a modern developing mode changes of discrepancy,efficiency sophisticated and brought the opportunities for entering into Europe, America and Asia.4Po湖北玉立

Till 2015,the sales amount of main products reached RMB600million,Sharpness is recognized as China Top 1 even Asia Top 1 of coated abrasive field in the latest 18years.
Decades of development, Sharpness steps on a new stage with the hypostatic foreshadowing.We can build Sharpness as a "century-old enterprise" if speeding up with these advantageous and progressing in products range, industrial structure,market structure with a qualitative leap.  4Po湖北玉立

We authentically forcast the development of 2nd 10-year will exceed the former Three decades by the historic opportunities of high quality, high technology and high speed development,Sharpness will be Global Top Three in abrasive field by an anuual sales amount around RMB1billion of coated abrasives, and a total sales amount RMB1.8billion,whilst a taxation of profit amount over RMB100million.   4Po湖北玉立

Therefore, The 2nd Ten-year developing program is the most pivotal period in this century.The top managers analyzed the situation and consider to deploy and implement from the following aspects:4Po湖北玉立

The strategic thought keeps same as orignal- "Two directions", "Product quality up, Market expansion out"4Po湖北玉立

The major strategic target is to become Global Top Three,learn from the top advanced competitor.4Po湖北玉立

The general operation strategy is still implement and perfect the "4-3-3 project" as below: 4Po湖北玉立

① Keep down the price and improve the quality;4Po湖北玉立

② Implement the stabilization in quality, cost and supply;4Po湖北玉立

③ Keep the civilian market, progress in high-end market, expand the european and american market;4Po湖北玉立

④ Extend the industry chain.4Po湖北玉立


ADD.(headquarter): No. 218, Yuli Avenue, Toncheng County, Hubei Province, China PC.:437400
Tel: +86-(0)715-4322107,4324488,4352111 Email: info@sharpness.com.cn
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